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Monday, August 21, 2017
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HCM 2017 Sponsors

NYU, Rory Meyers College of Nursing

Equal Measures, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Medical University of South Carolina, College of Health Professions

Virginia Commonwealth University, Dept. of Health Administration

Vanderbilt University, Owens Graduate School of Management

UAB School of Health Professions, Dept. of Health Services Administration

Rush University, Dept. of Health Systems Management

Ohio State University, College of Medicine, Dept. of Family Medicine

Indiana University, Richard M. Fairbanks SPH, Dept. of HPM

Boston University SPH, Dept. of Health Policy and Management

Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA)


At the Interface - 2017 Conference Theme

77th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management
August 4-8, 2016 in Atlanta, GA, USA
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Why Join HCM?

Health Care is a global enterprise where entrepreneurs are using technology to transform the competitive landscape. Health care is more than what happens between doctors and patients, rather it involves a complex set of relationships between multiple professions, specialists, and other organizations. As health systems evolve, so does the demand for organizational researchers that understand its management issues.

Health care management research is rapidly a growing field in need of active scholars and you can be one of them. Here are but a few reasons management researchers should join the Health Care field.

Research opportunities

  • Health Care is a research rich environment – with data available on thousands of organizations and millions of leaders, managers, employees, professionals and customers;
  • Health Care journals have wide readerships and the Impact Factors to match;
  • The Health Care sector gave rise to the Evidence‐based Management movement and is the leader in Comparative Effectiveness and Translational Research paradigms;
  • Health Care researchers excel at interdisciplinary studies;
  • Health Care enjoys a rich history of funded research.

Teaching opportunities

  • A recent Chronicle of Higher Education study found that more than a third of Executive MBA Programs have Health Care as their primary focus;
  • Health Care represents over 16% of US GDP, and is one of the fastest growing employment sectors globally. Therefore, the demand for managers with health care management skills is growing;
  • Health care is a global enterprise with opportunities to research and teach across the world.

You can join the Health Care Management Division by going to the Academy of Management Website: www.aom.org.

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