Annual Reports

The Annual Business Meeting for HCM Division was held at the annual meeting in Seattle, WA on August 07, 2022, and chaired by Prof. Brian Hilligoss, Division Chair.
Annual Report, 2022: Full Report as Presentation Slides. 
Key Highlights of AOM2022 program: The HCM division (under the leadership of Program Chair- Cheryl Rathert, and PDW Chair- Nicholas Edwardson) at AOM2022 had 43.5 hours of scholarly programming [ 22 paper sessions, 6 symposia, and 1 plenary session], and 23 hours of professional development workshop (PDW) programming that includes 16 division specific sessions [9 Hybrid, 4 Virtual-only, and 3 In-Person only sessions] of which five Hybrid session were for emerging scholar's consortium [topics: “Better Assessment Together: A practical workshop to improve learning and streamline grading”; "Finding Career Opportunities & Flourishing in a Transformed World"; "Faculty Resilience during the Pandemic: Strategies and Tips”; "Goal setting for highly ambitious scholars, understanding why and how to get there”; & "Look before You Leap: Making the Jump from Faculty to Leadership Roles”], and 9 PDW sessions [topics: "HCM Teaching Incubator: Becoming More Effective Instructors"; "HCM Research Incubator: Research in the Rough"; “Hot Topics” in Health Care Management: Research Roundtables; "Health Policy: Elevating Health Care Management Research"; "Succeeding Together as a Health Services Researcher in a “B” School"; "We Can’t Hire Our Way Out of This: International Perspectives on the Healthcare Workforce Crisis"; "Managing Growth and Learning Across Career Stages: Academia and Beyond"; "Dreaming about health care: Reject the Is"; "Simulations in Healthcare Management: Conceptualization to Publication"]. Additionally, the division cosponsored 10 PDW sessions with other divisions.
This year, the HCM division has initiated three new initiatives: two new research awards for Early Career and Mid-Career faculty; the annual meeting "Buddy Program" for new attendees (13 pairings in @AOM2022); and a pos-AOM mini-conference on Digital Health Management
Research, Teaching, and Service Awards: At the HCM business meeting, several scholars were recognized for their excellence in research, teaching, and service to the division community. More details.
AOM 5-Year HCM Division Review and Strategic Planning: This year, a select committee of Division Leadership completed the review of division performance and charted out a strategic plan for the future. As part of the review and planning process, a web-based survey was conducted of HCM community members. Based on the members' feedback and the committee's assessment new volunteer, and leadership opportunities have been identified as well as launched (reactivated) new (old) committees to meet future strategic goals.
Plenary Session at Annual Meeting: On August 08, Dr. Gary S. Kaplan delivered the keynote address during the plenary session titled "Reflections on 22 years at the Helm of Virginia Mason". Dr. Gary S. Kaplan is currently Senior Advisor and Senior Vice President for CommonSpirit Health with a special focus on Quality, Safety, and Patient Experience. Dr. Kaplan served as chairman and CEO of the Virginia Mason Health System from 2000-2020 and Co-CEO of Virginia Mason Franciscan Health in 2021. He has been a practicing internal medicine physician at Virginia Mason Health System since 1978. He is recognized as one of the most influential physician executives in health care and is a frequent national and international speaker on Quality, Safety, Value Creation, Leadership and Governance, and Building Sustainable Cultures. During Dr. Kaplan's tenure, Virginia Mason has received significant national and international recognition for its efforts to transform health care, most notably as the leader in adapting the Toyota Production System for health care. Under his leadership, Virginia Mason has consistently been named a Top Hospital by Leapfrog and was the Top Hospital of the Decade in 2010. Dr. Kaplan received the Leapfrog Emerald Award this year for outstanding achievement by a health care leader. In addition, Virginia Mason is the only Washington state hospital to earn an A patient safety grade every year since the grading system began.


Recent Past Annual Reports [from 2019]

Annual Report, 2021: Full Report as Presentation Slides

The Annual Business Meeting for HCM Division was held on July 30, 2021, virtually and chaired by Prof. Sara Singer, Division Chair.
Key Highlights: The HCM division at AoM2021 had 31 hours of scholarly programs [ 17 paper sessions, 3 symposia, and 1 plenary session], and 9 hours of programming for the professional development workshop that includes 4 sessions for emerging scholar's consortium sessions [topics: Building Collaborations as Emerging Scholars, Editors Panel, Online Teaching, Hot Topics Research Roundtables], and 10 professional development sessions [topics: Managing Pandemic Induced Research Disruptions, Preparing Health Care Leaders to Become Good Ancestors, Research in the Rough, Teaching Incubator, Dynamics of Crisis Leadership: Developing a Research Agenda, Promoting Equity in Learning, Development of a Screen-Based Change Management Simulation, Mindful Managing, Organizational Determinants of Health: Equity & Inclusion]. This year, the inaugural HCM Research Consortium was held in 2 sessions on special topics including Pivoting Research in Health Care Management in the Context of COVID-19, and the Secondary Data & Empirical Research.
Additionally, HCM division cosponsored many sessions with 16 other divisions at AoM including OB, AAT, CAR, OMT, MED, CM, IM, MOC, STR, CM, ODC, PNP, MSR, OCIS, RM, and TIM. 
Research, Teaching, and Service Awards: At the HCM business meeting, several scholars were recognized for their excellence in research, teaching, and service to the division community. More details
Plenary Session at Annual Meeting: On August 03, Ann Barry Flood, PhD, Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine, recipent of the 2021 Keith G. Provan Distinguished Scholar Award, delivered the keynote address during the plenary session titled "Does (Organizational) Practice Make Perfect? 45 Years of Perspectives Add Many Nuances". Dr. Flood is a nationally recognized authority on healthcare management with an orientation to the clinical environment, in particular,  the impact of organizational structure on quality of care (e.g., mortality, surgical outcomes). Among the most significant of her contributions is her pioneering role in pushing the boundaries of empirically based, health care organization research. She was a key contributor in the institutional differences study, one of the first large-scale investigations using both clinical and organizational data to examine the relationship of hospital structure and clinical outcomes.
Annual Report, 2020: Full Report as Presentation Slides  
Annual Report, 2019: Full Report as Presentation Slides  

Older Annual Reports [Before 2019]

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