Best Health Care Management Theory to Practice Paper

This award is intended to encourage papers relevant to the practicing health care manger by clearly addressing research questions relevant to the translation of theory to health administration or management practice. The award is sponsored by the journal, Health Care Management Review (HCMR). The winners receive an award plaque from the Division and a cash award from HCMR. Authors of eligible papers should identify their papers for consideration of this award during the Academy’s paper submission process. A committee headed by the Program Chair and comprised of selected members of the Executive Committee, the previous year's winner of the award (first author), and the editor of Health Care Management Review, selects the winner.

 Award Winners

2019: Angelique Ortiz-Hunt, Daniel Lerner, Richard Hunt. “Sustainable Human Healthcare: The Centrality of Intrapreneurial Nurses”
2018:   Karla Sayegh & Samer Faraj. "Shaping the Buildings that Shape Us: The Entanglement of Space and Care Coordination"
2017: Valerie A. Lewis, Carrie Colla, Stephen M Shortell, and Kate Tierney. "The New Frontier of Strategic Alliances: Partnership under Accountable Care Organizations"
2016: Cheryl Rathert, Tracy Porter, Michelle Flegi-Palmer. "Meaningful or Meaningless? Physician Perspectives on Use of EHR"
2015: Brian Hilligoss, Paula H. Song, and Ann Scheck McAlearney. "Aligning for Accountable Care: Strategic Practices for Change in Accountable Care Organizations"
2014: Pavani Rangachari and R. Karl Rethemeyer. "Impact of Periodic Top-down Communications on Infection Prevention Practices & Outcomes in Two Units"
2013: Daniele Mascia, Federica Angeli, and Fausto Di Vencenzo. "Effect of Hospital Referral Networks on Appropriateness of Hospitalization Decisions: A HLM Analysis"
2012: Benjamin B. Dumford, Wayne Boss, Alan D. Boss, George Zara and Rick Grooms. "Can Entire Departments Be Burned Out? A Conversation of Resources Perspective on Burnout Campaign"
2011: Julia Adler-Milstein, Sara J. Singer and Michael Toffel. "Speaking Up Constructively: Managerial Practices that Elicit Solutions from Front-Line Employees"
2010:  Sara J. Singer, Jako Burgers, Mark Friedberg, Meredith Rosenthal, Lucian Leape and Eric Schneider. "Defining and Measuring Integrated Patient Care: Promoting the next frontier in healthcare delivery"
2009: Lori T. Peterson, John Eberhardt, Eric W. Ford, and Timothy R. Huerta. "Assessing Differences Between Realized and Anticipated Gains from Electronic Health Record Adoption"
2008:  Marjorie N. Jenkins and Alice C. Stewart. "Enhancing Nurse Job Satisfaction: A Servant Leader Orientation in Health Care Management"
2007: Jonathan R.B. Halbesleben, Bonnie J. Wakefield, Douglas S. Wakefield, and Lynn B. Cooper. "Nurse Burnout and Patient Safety Outcomes: Safety Perception vs. Reporting Behaviors"
2006:  Heather Spence Laschinger and Michael Leiter. "The Impact of Nursing Work Environments on Patient Safety Outcomes: The Mediating Role of Burnout"
2005:  Shirley Bar Lev and Michael Harrison. "Localization of Health IT: How Users "Repair" Electronic Medical Record Systems"
2004:  Rebecca Wells, Eric Ford, Michelle Holt, Jennifer McClure and Ann Ward. "Tracing the Evolution of Pluralism in Community-Based Coalitions"
2003:   Joel Harmon, Dennis Scotti, Scott J. Behson, Gerard F. Farias, and Robert Petzel. "High-Involvement Work Practices, Employee Satisfaction and Service Costs in Veterans Healthcare"
2002:  Robert J. Weech-Maldonado, Gerald Neff, and Vince Mor. "Does Quality of Care Lead to Better Financial Performance? The Case of the Nursing Home Industry"
2001:  Gary J. Young, James Burgess, and Danielle Valley. "Competition Among Hospitals for HMO Business: Effect of Price and Non-Price Attributes"
2000:  Heather K. Spence, Joan Ellen Finegan, and Judith Shamian. "The Impact of Workplace Empowerment and Organizational Trust on Staff Nurses' Work Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment"
1999:   John E. Gamble, Marjorie L. Icenogle, Norman B. Bryan, and Daniel A. Rickert. "The Effects of Open Access on Member Satisfaction and Intentions to Remain in an HMO"
1998:  Sharon Topping, John Hyde, John Barker, and Frederick D. Woodrell. "Adaptive Strategies of Academic Health Centers: Will They Survive or Go the Way of Dinosaurs"
1997:   John Blair and John Buessler. "Competitive Forces in the Medical Group Industry: A Stakeholder Perspective"