September 2023

September HCM Division Newsletter


In this newsletter

1) A message from Cheryl Rathert, HCM Division Chair

2) Calling for input on the our divisional DEI statement

3) Call for Professional Development Workshop Ideas

4) Provan Award Nomination Solicitations:

5) Call for reviewers

6) In Memory of Jon Chiligerian, 1951 - 2023




1) A message from Cheryl Rathert, HCM Division Chair:


Greetings HCM Division,


The recently concluded annual meeting of the Academy of Management, August 4-8 in Boston, was a resounding success, drawing together a diverse and passionate community of health care management scholars. Our division’s unwavering commitment to advancing the field of health care management was clearly demonstrated. The conference provided an unparalleled platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration. As we look back on this remarkable event, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the volunteers who worked tirelessly to make it a reality and to all the members whose contributions enriched the experience.


Attendees were treated to an array of thought-provoking sessions: the Provan Award Lecture, interactive PDWs, panel discussions, and research presentations, all designed to empower and inspire the health care scholars of today and tomorrow. The commitment to innovation and adaptation was palpable, and it was clear that participants were eager to contribute their unique insights to the discourse.


One of the conference’s highlights was the opportunity to acknowledge the excellence of some of our members during our business meeting. Congratulations to the following award winners:


·      Keith G. Provan Distinguished Scholar Award: Rob Weech-Maldonado, University of Alabama at Birmingham

·      Mid-Career Achievement Award: Ingrid Nembhard, University of Pennsylvania

·      Early Career Achievement Award: Dori Cross, University of Minnesota

·      Myron D. Fottler Exceptional Service Award: Rebecca Wells, University of Texas Health Science Center – Houston

·      Excellence in Teaching Award: Eric Richardson, University of North Carolina – Wilmington

·      Best Paper Based on a Dissertation: Phatcharasiri (Angie) Ratcharak for “Emotion Management among Clinical Leads under Leader Identity Threat: A Moderated Mediation Model”

·      Best Student-Led Paper: Margo Janssens, Samantha Van Der Bruggen, Alexander Schouten, Laurens Beerepoot, & Roger Leenders for “Utterance Based Analysis of Communicative Phases in Multidisciplinary Health Care Team Meetings”

·      Best International Paper Award: Margo Janssens, Samantha Van Der Bruggen, Alexander Schouten, Laurens Beerepoot, & Roger Leenders for “Utterance Based Analysis of Communicative Phases in Multidisciplinary Health Care Team Meetings”

·      Best Theory to Practice Paper Award: Eitan Naveh, Noa Nissinboim, Ryan Leib, Jessica Cleveland, Partha Das, David Frank, Craig Bunnell, & Sara Singer for “Workload and Errors: Utilizing Data Collected Through Sensors in an Outpatient Cancer Facility”

·      Best Paper Award Co-Winner: Yuna Lee, Robert Litchfield, & Lucy L. Gilson for “The Harmony of Creativity and Standardization in High-Stakes Work: Lessons from the Bedside in ICUs”

·      Best Paper Award Co-Winner: Eitan Naveh, Noa Nissinboim, Ryan Leib, Jessica Cleveland, Partha Das, David Frank, Craig Bunnell, & Sara Singer for “Workload and Errors: Utilizing Data Collected Through Sensors in an Outpatient Cancer Facility”


During the business meeting we heard from Ria Hearld, who shared the Division’s communication’s strategy for the coming years. The Communications Committee (Chair, Tory Hogan) is dedicated to enhancing the HCM division experience through timely and accurate communications. The division is no longer utilizing X (Twitter), and is instead focusing on managing the HCM-AOM connect feed, quarterly newsletters, and the annual meeting daily emails. Check out the slides from the business meeting for a more comprehensive understanding of all that was discussed.  


In addition to the formal sessions, the conference provided ample opportunities for networking and forging meaningful connections. The Membership Engagement committee (Chair, Geoffrey Silvera) planned excellent off-site socials that enabled attendees to share stories, exchange ideas, and form collaborations that will undoubtedly continue to shape the future of healthcare management. The sense of camaraderie and shared purpose was truly inspiring and reaffirmed the vital importance of the Health Care Management Division in bringing together professionals from academia, practice, and research.


None of this would have been possible without the dedication of our exceptional volunteers. Throughout the year, volunteers from our multiple committees and executive committee gave their time and energy to ensure a rich program, speakers were well-supported, and attendees felt welcome. Their enthusiasm and unwavering commitment were the driving force behind the conference's success.


Looking ahead, the momentum generated by this conference will undoubtedly propel us towards new horizons in health care management.  While it feels like the conference just ended yesterday, the executive committee is already in the early stages planning for next year’s conference, the theme of which is: “Innovating for the Future.” Most notably, if you are planning to submit a PDW, please e-mail Amber Stephenson ( to discuss your ideas with her. It is our goal to get a diverse group of members presenting during these sessions.  Reaching out to her ahead of time enables her to connect you with other members who may be considering similar topics, or give you feedback to ensure the idea/content is unique.


Wishing everyone a productive and successful academic year!



Cheryl Rathert

Chair, HCM Division




2. Calling for input on the our divisional DEI statement:  The DEI Committee needs your input on our proposed divisional DEI statement!  The DRAFT statement reads as follows: 


We are dedicated to supporting a diverse, equitable, and inclusive healthcare management and organization field.


We are committed to leading policies and practices that foster and promote equitable inclusion for all persons and the benefits of diversity.


We value and embrace the many dimensions of diversity among HCM members and respect each other’s voices.


These are all means to raise the quality of research, teaching, practice, and mentorship in the field of healthcare management and organization.


Together, we share the responsibility to uphold community standards for ethical and bias-free behavior among members.


Please let us know what you think here:



3) Call for Professional Development Workshop Ideas:   Are you considering submitting a PDW for next year’s conference?  If so, please reach out to Amber Stephenson (, PDW Chair, to share your ideas (even if they are still in the development phase) prior to formal submission in January. We look forward to hearing from you! 


4) Provan Award Nomination Solicitations: The research committee seeks nominations for the Keith G. Provan Distinguished Scholar award [hyperlink to:] (2024). This award recognizes a member of the HCM division who has developed a record of high-quality scholarly research in health care management. The research may be traditional or innovative, but it must demonstrate conceptual and methodological rigor. Nominations should be submitted to the HCM Research Committee Co-Chair, Daniel Walker:, by January 31st, 2024. Please visit the HCM Division Page for more information.


5) Call for reviewers:  Be on the look out for communication from AOM in October soliciting paper reviewers for the 2024 Annual Meeting.  This email traditionally comes from AOM.  We need the whole HCM team to help out with reviewing… many hands makes lighter review loads & we can all use lighter loads this year. 


6) Remembering Jon Chilingerian (1951-2023):  At the beginning of the HCM Business Meeting, Mitch Glavin led a moving reflection on the life and contributions of Jon Chilingerian. Among Jon’s many professional accomplishments, Mitch highlighted the following:


·      HCMD Chair, 1997-98

·      HCMD Myron Fottler Exceptional Service Award, 2010

·      Professor & Director of EMBA program for physicians, Brandeis University

·      Visiting Scholar, Healthcare Management Initiative, INSEAD

·      Stuart Altman, “It is hard to imagine anyone other than Jon accomplishing so much is such a short period of time. He left us much too soon.”

·      Stephen Chick, “He has impacted healthcare leaders in INSEAD programs that number in the thousands in many countries around the world.”

·      Regina Herzlinger, “The world of health care management and I will miss him dearly. His many accomplishments are overshadowed by the sheer presence of his personality.”

·      Forthcoming book: The New Science of Medicine & Management: A Comprehensive Case-Based Guide for Clinical Leaders (Springer)


The Health Care Management Division will be forever grateful for Jon’s leadership and mentorship.