December, 2023

HCM Division Newsletter, January, 2024

1)    1) A message from Cheryl Rathert, HCM Division Chair

2)    2) An update from the DEI Committee 

3)    3) Nominations for the Keith G. Provan Distinguished Scholar Award



1) A message from Cheryl Rathert, HCM Division Chair


Isn’t it incredible? It seems we just finished our annual meeting in Boston, and now we are planning for the next one in Chicago. It is a very busy time for most of us as the semester and the year-end. It is also an inspiring time as many of us brainstorm and plan new ideas for papers, symposia, and professional development workshops (PDWs) to submit for next year’s conference. As you know, the theme of the 2024 annual meeting is: “Innovating for the Future,” and the deadline for submissions is January 9, 2024. The HCM Executive Committee has been busy behind the scenes developing ideas for fun social events and student activities during the conference (August 9-13) for further building of our health caremanagement community. 


If you have ideas for PDWs or the Emerging Scholars Consortium, be sure to run your ideas by Amber Stephenson (, the 2024 PDW Chair. And importantly, please be sure to sign up to review for the conference, even if you can’t attend. The reviewing process is essential for us to produce an excellent program each year. Reviewers make the academic world go around! Remember, you must sign up each year to review, even if you have reviewed in the past.


It is also time to start thinking about colleagues to nominate for the various division awards we present each year at the annual meeting. Calls for nominations for research, teaching, and service awards will be announced in the coming weeks and months; however, we can all start thinking about potential nominees now. As is noted below, the Keith G. Provan Distinguished Scholar Award is now open for nominations. The Provan Award winner is decided early in the year because the winner is invited to give a keynote address at the conference. Consider nominating someone for this prestigious award.


Finally, I want to offer a shout-out to the HCM division’s newest committee, the DEI Committee, co-chaired by Charleata Battle and Vicky Parker. This committee began as a year-long task force. At the 2023 annual meeting, the Executive Committee approved making it an official committee. Read on for more detailed information about this committee and its focus. Many thanks to Charleata, Vicky, and the committee members for their efforts.  Below, you can read about the exciting work the committee has been doing. 


Lastly, on behalf of the entire executive committee, I hope you are having a wonderful start to the new year.    



    2)   An update from the DEI Committee 

As a division interest group within The Academy of Management, we have worked over the past year to evaluate and promote the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion among our HCM members and the AOM member body. Last year, the HCM DIG’s executive committee made a commitment to assess and to develop a core diversity statement from our HCM DIG to lead and support our member base and the academic profession.


Our first step was to appoint an inaugural Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force, co-chaired by Dr. Charleata Battle (California State University, Los Angeles) and Dr. Victoria Parker (University of New Hampshire). Based on our internal membership survey, we developed the purpose and initial charges for the DEI Task Force (2022-2023):


1. Draft an organic HCM Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion statement for the HCM DIG and to guide the DEI Task Force’s subsequent work.

2. Solicit AOM HCM member base for input into the development of an organic DEI statement and revise as appropriate.

3. Formalize practices for fostering AOM’s HCM DIG’s annual meeting program inclusivity.

4. Assess the need for, and if appropriate, establish an HCM DIG Member Advocate Position.


In the Spring of 2023, the DEI Task Force members developed and presented the following Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion statement to the HCM Executive Committee for approval and feedback: The FIVE PILLARS of the AOM HCM DEI Statement:

1. We are dedicated to supporting a diverse, equitable, and inclusive healthcare management and organization field.

2. We are committed to leading policies and practices that foster and promote equitable inclusion for all persons and the benefits of diversity.

3. We value and embrace the many dimensions of diversity among HCM members and respect each other’s voices.

4. These are all means to raise the quality of research, teaching, practice, and mentorship in the field of healthcaremanagement and organization.

5. Together, we share the responsibility to uphold community standards for ethical and bias-free behavior among members.


The AOM HCM Executive Committee approved and adopted the AOM HCM Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement for the AOM HCM DIG. During the Summer and Fall of 2023, the AOM HCM DEI Taskforce developed and distributed a DEI Survey that was circulated via the AOM HCM newsletter, AOM Connect, and was more formally solicited via QR codes during the AOM 2023 Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. During the AOM HCM Executive Committee Annual Meeting, by vote, the HCM’s DEI Taskforce was formally approved as a new AOM HCM DEI Committee. 


The AOM HCM DEI Committee Members (in alphabetical order):

Charleata Battle, co-chair, California State University, Los Angeles

Vicky Parker, co-chair, University of New Hampshire

Lois Dankwa, Johns Hopkins University

Lihua Dishman, A.T. Still University

Lambert Li, Stanford University

Nitish Patidar, Quinnipiac University

Gordon Shen, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Maike Tietschert, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Chinue Uecker, LPI Consultants


3) Nominations for the Keith G. Provan Distinguished Scholar Award

The Research Committee seeks nominations for the Keith G. Provan Distinguished Scholar Award.   Information can be found here, and nominations should be submitted to Daniel Walker ( by January 31, 2024.