April 2024



1. HCM Division Updates, a message from Cheryl Rathert, HCM division chair

2. Annual Meeting Sponsorship Opportunities

3. Early Career Scholarship Program 

4. Nominations for Early and Mid-Career Achievement Awards (Deadline April 30th, 2024)

5. Nominations for Teaching Excellence Award (Deadline: April 30th, 2024)

6. Doctoral Students and Junior Faculty Professional Development Opportunity 

7. Doctoral Student Information 

8. AOM Annual Meeting Hotel Accommodations 

9. AOM Connect, be sure your settings are correct!

10. Early Career Scholarships (Coming in Mis April)


1.  HCM Division Updates, A Message from Cheryl Rather, HCM Division Chair


Spring Greetings!

Preparation for the Annual Meeting, August 9-13 in Chicago, is in full swing, with many HCM division volunteers planning sessions, activities, and socials. Stay tuned for exciting news on that front! Also stayed tuned for announcements about upcoming elections and calls for award nominations.

The HCM Executive Committee recently held its mid-year meeting, in which it focused on the division’s strategic plan. The current plan was developed in 2022, so committee members evaluated where we are currently and what can and should be achieved by August to stay on track with the goals. Some key areas of progress are:

• The Practice Committee has been revived, with Tracy Porter and Jennifer Gutberg as committee co-chairs. Last year they initiated a “practice incubator” which informed development of several PDWs for this year. The Practice Incubator will be conducted again this year. 
• There was lengthy discussion about the challenges of translating research into practice, and for sharing research conducted by HCM members with practitioners and policy makers. Ideas were discussed for webinars, with one potentially in fall, 2024. Many thanks to Practitioners-at-Large Beth Brooks and Gina Thoebes for sharing their views and ideas on this important challenge!
• The Student Representatives, Robin Peeters and P.J. Noghrechi, have been very active in engaging students in leadership roles and developing new ways to engage students at the conference. More to come!
• Academics-at-Large Yuna Lee and Daan Westra have been working to make the HCM Mentoring Program sustainable. They have reviewed participant feedback and plan to enhance the mentoring experience with potential in-person opportunities at the conference. 
• HCM’s new International Representative-at-Large, Abi Sriharan, will be leading discussion groups with members in the coming weeks in order to develop plans for increasing inclusivity among HCM members who are located outside the U.S. Abi is seeking input from as many members as possible, so if you want to be involved, please contact Abi at: abisri@yorku.ca.
• There are numerous ideas under development to engage and welcome first-time conference attendees in Chicago.

These are just a few of the activities that have been taking place since last August by HCM’s wonderful volunteer leaders and committees! We are grateful for their efforts. 

-Cheryl Rathert, Chair, HCM Division

2. Annual Meeting Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorships: Much of our programming at the annual meeting (e.g., scholarships, social events, supporting plenary speakers) would not be possible without sponsors from HCM division member institutions. Please consider seeking sponsorship from your department, school, college or university! The HCM Division's 2024 Prospectus is available for further details. 

If you think you may be able to help support the division, please reach out to Nick Edwardson (nedwardson@unm.edu). And no worries if you don't. Like a Girl Scout selling cookies, Nick will hunt you down and prey on your vulnerability for Samoas and those new Adventurefuls. Unlike Girl Scout cookies, though, donating to HCM won't lead to regret, irritability, or the need for a nap 25 minutes later.


3.  Early and Mid-Career Achievement Awards: Seeking Nominations, Deadline: April 30th, 2024

The HCM Research Committee is seeking nominations for Early and Mid-Career awards. Please consider nominating a colleague or pursuing a self-nomination.

The description of the awards can be found on our website under ‘Awards’ (
https://hcm.aom.org/awards/overview )

Please reach out to Olena Mazurenko (
omazuren@iu.edu) you have any questions.
-Olena Mazurenko, Co-Chair, Research Committee, HCM Division

4. Excellent in Teaching Award: Seeking Nominations, Deadline: April 30th, 2024

The HCM Teaching Committee is now seeking nominations for the annual HCM Division's Excellence in Teaching Award. To submit a nomination (including self-nominations), individuals can email Patrick Shay (pshay@trinity.edu). Please include the following information:

·       Name of the nominee, institution/program they are affiliated with, and a brief statement regarding the reason for the individual's nomination.


5. Calling all Doctoral Students and Junior Faculty (Emerging Scholars Consortium (ESC) 2024)

Date: Friday August 9th, 2024

The 2024 Emerging Scholars Consortium (ESC) will be held on Friday August 9th at the Annual Meeting in Chicago. The program is shaping up to be one of the best yet, with interactive opportunities for networking, mentoring, as well as enhancing your research and teaching practice. 

Keep your eye out for more information and, if you have any questions, contact PDW Chair, Amber Stephenson (astephen@clarkson.edu). We look forward to seeing you there! 

6. Are you a Doctoral Student/ Doctoral Candidate? This is for you!

Introducing your HCM Division Student Representatives & Annual Meeting Information!

Mark your calendars for our Student Social (Evening, Thursday August 8th) & Emerging Scholars Consortium (8AM-5 PM Friday August 9th)

The HCM Division has two student representatives who are members of the Executive Committee and represent the voice of the students in the division. Additionally, the student representatives chair the Student Engagement Committee; a group of committed students who also participate in other HCM committees share ideas and thoughts to support the division and represent our students. 

Every year, the student representatives organize the student social event on the Thursday evening preceding the formal start of the AoM Annual Meeting on Friday. This year, the student social will be in the evening of Thursday August 8th, so be sure to be in Chicago by that time! It’s a great way to connect with fellow students from the division and have some familiar faces before the Annual Meeting formally begins.

Details on the time and location, as well as a sign-up form, will be communicated via AOM Connect in the weeks leading up to the Annual Meeting. Be sure to keep your eye out for it! We assist our amazing PDW Chair Amber Stephenson in organizing the Emerging Scholars Consortium, a day full of learning specifically designed for students and early career scholars (i.e., Friday August 9th, 2024). The program will be out soon, but we can already assure you that it will be a very interesting day and a great opportunity to meet fellow students and early career scholars from the division. 

Aside from those formalities, our (virtual) doors are always open. If you’re a student in the HCM division and have some questions about the division or the Annual Meeting, would like to discuss a concern, would like to be more involved in the division or one of the committees, or anything else, please feel free to send an email to Robin (rej.peeters@maastrichtuniversity.nl) &        PJ (noghrehchi.1@buckeyemail.osu.edu), Co-Chairs, Student Engagement Committee, and they will be happy to help you.


7. AOM Annual Meeting Hotel Accommodations (Now Available)

Please note that the AOM Annual Meeting Hotel Accommodations ‘portal’ is now available for reservations. To ensure you can take advantage of the conference rates, please reserve your rooms as soon as possible as the number of rooms is limited. The HCM Division meeting locations will be in the Fairmont Chicago (200 N Columbus Dr, Chicago, IL).

For more information, please visit: https://aom.org/events/annual-meeting/registering-and-attending/accommodations

8. AOM Connect!

If you are new to AOM, or just looking for a refresher, be sure to check out this “getting started” guide to using AOM connect.  This is a great way to connect with your colleagues in the field and learn about job postings, other conferences in our field, and all of the important things happening in our division.  

The “getting started” guide can go through all of the ways you can use AOM connect, including how to post, how to reply, and managing your notifications settings.   


9. Early Career Scholarships (Available in Mid-April)

Scholarships: Details for the HCM division early career scholarship program will be available in mid-April. Please be on the lookout for a message posted through the AOM Connect system, and if you have any questions, please reach out to Nick Edwardson (nedwardson@unm.edu).