July 2023


Greetings HCM Division Members,


The Annual Meeting is just around the corner!  This quarter’s newsletter provides some important details on our social events, HCM division-sponsored PDWs, the Mentorship program, and the results of the 2023 AOM Elections.  AOM released the Annual Meeting Program, be sure to check out all the exciting events happening as a part of the annual meeting (be sure you are logged in and registered to view the entire program). 


If you have never been to Boston, watch movies like Good Will Hunting or The Departed (Generally, movies with Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon, or Ben Affleck have a good chance of being based in Boston). If you are more musically inclined, in preparation for AOM in Boston, the membership engagement committee has produced a curated playlist, “Beantown 2023”.  The playlist is available on Amazon Music and Spotify.  


Social events: This year’s AOM will feature some fun and exciting social events: 

  • August 3, 7:30: HCM Student social - Stephanie's on Newberry - (Interested, Complete this form)*
  • August 4, 6:00: Emerging Scholar’s Social - Back Bay Social 
  • August 5, 6:30: PDW Social - Joe’s American Bar and Grill  
  • August 7, 6:30: HCM Division Reception - Spin Boston. 


There will also be a daily coffee offering available in the lobby of the Sheraton; stay tuned for more details. 

* contact Andrew Scarffe, ascar083@uottawa.ca  and Robin Peeters (rej.peeters@maastrichtuniversity.nl for more details


PDWs Sponsored by the HCM division:  Volunteers from the Research, Teaching, and Practice Committees have worked hard to develop exciting PDWs.  If you haven't checked out the program, here is a consolidated list of some of the exciting PDWs that are sponsored by the HCM division: 



    • Experiential Learning 101 (part of this year’s Emerging Scholars Consortium):  Through panel and roundtable discussions, participants in the Emerging Scholars Consortium will gain a basic understanding of experiential learning, how experiential learning can increase student engagement and strategies that teachers can use to apply experiential learning modalities in the classroom.  Time & location: Friday, August 4th, during the Emerging Scholars Consortium (session 33) at Sheraton Boston Hotel’s The Fens room.

    • The Emerging Scholars Consortium: Are you a junior faculty member, post-doc, or doctoral student with research and/or teaching interests in health care management? Join us for the Health Care Management (HCM) division Emerging Scholars Consortium (ESC) on Friday, August 4th in Boston, where a diverse group of outstanding faculty will facilitate a highly interactive series of sessions geared towards emerging health care management scholars. In addition to the content, the ESC’s highly collaborative format is a fantastic opportunity to create relationships with other HCM emerging scholars from around the globe. Many long-time HCM members attest to the ESC as an origin for major research collaborations and employment pathways. Time and Location: Friday, August 4th 8:00-5:00, The Fens, Sheraton. 


    • Developing a Research Dissemination Strategy: Reaching a Wide Range of Stakeholders (session 12567). This PDW aims to guide participants through developing a research dissemination strategy that effectively communicates findings to appropriate stakeholders beyond academic audiences. Time & Location: Saturday: August 5th. 10.30 am-11.30 am Sheraton Boston, Exeter AB-Third Floor.
    • Hot Methods. This PDW aims to expose participants to several innovative methods being used in the healthcare management field. Time & Location: Saturday, Aug 5 2023 12:15 pm -1:45 pm at Sheraton Boston Hotel, Independence East.
    • HCM’s Teaching Incubator: Becoming More Effective Instructors (session 322).  Now in its sixth year, the Teaching Incubator provides a forum for healthcare management scholars to discuss pertinent issues about teaching, taking place as a series of roundtable discussions among “teaching mentors” and participants about specific topics.  Time & location: Saturday, August 5th, from 9:15-10:45 AM ET at Sheraton Boston Hotel’s Independence West room.
    • Teaching Soft Skills to Our Students: A Why, When, and How to Guide (session 409).  This PDW will focus on the why, when, and how of teaching our students to appreciate and master a range of soft skills (i.e., teamwork, communication, adaptability, empathy, listening, time management, and critical thinking). Time & location: Saturday, August 5th, from 1-2 PM ET at Sheraton Boston Hotel’s Constitution Ballroom A.
    • Putting Simulations Front and Center: The How and What of Implementing Simulations in the Classroom (session 455).  This PDW will exchange approaches and best practices to implement simulations in the classroom. For interested participants, please fill out this survey: https://uncw.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cvESuTTm23rKsHc
      Time & location: Saturday, August 5th, from 2:45-3:45 PM ET at Sheraton Boston Hotel’s Dalton AB room.
    • The Student First!?: Limits and Responses to the Consumer Model in Health Administration Education (session 486).  This PDW aims to identify the problems a “customer-is-always-right” approach can generate for teachers in Health Administration classrooms. Subsequently, it looks to identify tangible solutions for these problems by applying the patient engagement model to the classroom setting, exploring what could happen if faculty approached students in this way, how it would benefit the teaching experience, and how that can be done in practice.  Time & location: Saturday, August 5th, from 4-5 PM ET at Sheraton Boston Hotel’s Dalton AB room.
    • Practice Incubator Professional Development Workshop (Session 444). The Practice Committee is excited to convene HCM’s first “Practice Incubator” PDW at AOM! This session is open to everyone (no pre-registration or application required) and offer an open round-table discussion facilitated by our committee members. If you are a scholar curious about or seeking to engage in the practice world, or a practitioner striving to publish your real-world work, please plan to attend our PDW in Boston. Time: Saturday, Aug 5 2023 2:15PM - 3:45PM ET (UTC-4), see meeting program for location. 

HCM Division Mentorship program: 

We are excited to announce the continuation of the HCM Mentoring Program! Thanks to the feedback from last year’s participants, this year’s program will be even better. As a reminder, the mentoring program aims to connect doctoral students and early careerists within the HCM field with scholars from across the division to discuss shared research interests and/or professional goals. 


CALL FOR MENTEES: If you are interested in signing up as a mentee, complete the following survey by Monday, July 17th: https://forms.gle/UJkwKzvX3eCsdSdo8

CALL FOR MENTORS: For this program to succeed, we need faculty from the HCM Division to volunteer to participate as mentors and serve as a source of information, guidance, and community-building. We anticipate that mentors will be matched with 1-2 mentees. Sign up as a mentor by completing the following survey by Friday, July 14th: https://forms.gle/7zzrg9NxTrxW5LBZA

**If you participated in the program last year, we still ask that you fill out the form.


Mentees and mentors will be matched prior to the start of the 2023 AOM Annual Meeting. We suggest that mentors connect with mentees for a minimum of two 30-minute sessions via video or phone over the next academic year. The first of these sessions may occur during the Annual Meeting dates, at one of the division social events, or at another time that is mutually convenient to both of your schedules.

Around late July, an email will be sent introducing mentees to their mentors. It is our hope that this program continues to create a much-needed space for HCM members to build meaningful connections.

Should you have any questions, please email Yuna Lee (ysl2118@cumc.columbia.edu) and Amber Stephenson (astephen@clarkson.edu).


AOM Election Results:  

The 2023 AOM elections concluded on May 17. It is my pleasure to announce the winners of the two open HCM leadership positions.

HCM Program Chair-Elect (PDW Chair): Amber Stephenson, Clarkson U.

HCM Academic-at-Large: Daan Westra, Maastricht U.

Please join me in congratulating Amber and Daan. Our beloved division is in great hands!

A big "Thank you" to all the candidates who volunteered to help lead the HCM division and to all those who participated in nominating and voting. What our division is and what it becomes depends on the active engagement of dedicated members.