HCMD Webinar Archive

Webinar Archive

HCMD Webinar Series 2021-2022: Episode-1
: Friday, November 20th 9AM MST/11AM EST

"Pracademia": The Advantages And Challenges In The Transition From Practice To Academia"

On November 12th, the HCM Division hosted it's first webinar episode for the academic year 2021-2022 focusing on the advantages and challenges of transitioning from practice to academia. The webinar was moderated by Geoffrey Silvera and the panelists include Cathleen Erwin (Auburn U.), Richard Greenhill (Texas Tech U.) and Tracy Porter (Cleveland State U).

In this webinar, three panelists who all transitioned from careers in practice to careers in academia discussed the value of their practical experiences in their academic careers. These panelists had significant work experience in the health care sector prior to their faculty positions. The discussion will be most useful for students and junior faculty who have had significant practical experience and will aid in knowing how to leverage experiences outside of academia to being successful faculty members. In addition, program administrators may also find this useful in appreciating how to leverage faculty members' non-academic experiences for academic program benefit across the triple aims of research, teaching, and service.