HCM Early Career Achievement Award

HCM Early Career Achievement Award

The HCM Early Career Achievement Award, established in 2022, recognizes an early career scholar whose distinguished contributions have advanced research, theory, and practice within the health care management (HCM) field. Early career is defined for this award as the period within the first seven years following doctoral degree completion. Anonymous nominations will not be accepted, but individuals may self-nominate.

Award Review Process

The Research Committee is responsible for the HCM Division’s Early Career, Mid-Career, and Provan Awards. Nominations are reviewed by sub-committees comprising at least three research committee members representing the Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor levels. The Research Committee chair ensures that no sub-committee member has a conflict of interest with the nominees. After individually reviewing the nominations, the sub-committee meets to discuss each nomination and vote to determine the awardee. The Research Committee chair oversees all sub-committee discussions to ensure a fair and transparent decision-making process.

Eligibility Criteria:

·      Nominee must be an HCM Division member.

·      Nominee received a doctoral degree no more than seven years before the Annual AoM Meeting. The seven-year timeframe does not include any leaves of absence; the nomination letter and/or letter from the nominee should make clear when an individual’s eligibility requires accounting for such absences.

·      Nominees may or may not have tenure, as time for tenure decisions varies across institutions.


Award Criteria:

·      A clear record of research excellence, such as:

o   publications in top management, healthcare management, or health services journals,

o   high citation counts,

o   high-impact authored books,

o   extramural funding, and

o   evidence of developing an independent research trajectory, as evident in the number of first or senior-authored publications. Letters of support should describe how the nominee is developing an independent research trajectory. Letters may be obtained from individuals with whom the nominee shares a current or previous affiliation or individuals external to the nominee’s current or previous institutions.


·           Evidence of the impact of the nominee’s research upon the practice and/or teaching of health care management, such as:

o   participation in prestigious committees, 

o   the inclusion of the nominee’s research in policy reports and guidelines, testimonies, and/or syllabi, and

o   keynote addresses for an esteemed practitioner audience.

o   The stature of the nominee vis-à-vis other scholars at similar career stages in the HCM field.

o   The likelihood that the nominee will take on leadership roles in HCM research, teaching, or practice


Nominations should include:

  • A nomination letter that articulates why the nominee is deserving of the award with respect to the criteria listed above;
  • The nominee's current CV;
  • At least two letters of support that comment on the nominee's qualifications to receive the award; and
  • Copies of two published articles as examples of academic scholarship.

·      Nominees are evaluated relative to their peers at similar phases within the early-career timespan.


2023 Dori Cross, University of Minnesota
2022:  Maike Tietschert, PhD, MS, Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam