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HCMD Webinar Series:  "Teaching Experiences during the COVID-19 Pandemic"

Friday, November 20th 9AM MST/11AM EST

Zoom Recording Link: Access Password: G4.xmPWh
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The webinar was moderated by Jennifer Gutberg, University of Toronto, and included three speakers Joanna Brooks, Heather Lee and Dan Fisher. 

Joanna Brooks, University of Kansas School of Medicine, "Teaching to a Muted Classroom: Changed Interactional Dynamics of Teaching Online"  

  • Why do educators experience teaching online as a fundamentally different experience, even when technology cooperates and their content is successfully communicated? In this segment, Dr. Joanna Brooks will identify underlying factors that may drive this sense of difference, emphasizing the way online education has shifted the interactional dynamics of teaching and how educators can adapt to these changes.

Heather Lee, University of Alabama at Birmingham"The COVID-19 Impact on Health Administration Education:  Understanding Student Perspectives on the Transition from In-person to Remote Learning"

  • What approaches to teaching remotely actually resonate with students?  Alternatively, what approaches to teaching remotely do students hope we as professors NEVER do again? In this segment, Professor Heather Lee will report results from a mixed-methods study that examined student perspectives on the transition from in-person to remote learning during the spring of 2020. 

Dan Fisher, University of North Carolina Wilmington"Connectivism: Preparing Students for Career Success Through Online Learning Paths and “Just-in-Time” Personalized Learning"

  • In a time when online learning is becoming more prevalent, it is important for faculty to incorporate new teaching modalities into the online class environment, ensuring students develop professional competencies as they progress through the academic program.  In this session, Dr. Dan Fisher will describe how integrating personalized learning paths into online courses supports faculty instruction and allows students to achieve valuable certifications and/or trainings (”micro-credentials”) that can be incorporated into their resumes and job applications, further enhancing professional achievement.